Wholesale Frozen Pork Neck

Wholesale Frozen Pork Neck Supply with Worldwide Shipping!
  • Packaging: 12Kg Carton
  • Quality: Grade A
  • Storage Conditions: -18 ̊C and lower
  • Freezing Type: IWP, IQF
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
  • GMO Free

We can provide you with whichever cuts of beef you require from an entire bull or cow carcass. The quality of beef is consistently excellent.

We’re a top source for premium frozen pork and all its trimmings. For the lowest possible prices, we have established lines of communication with the world’s largest suppliers of pork.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask for a quote. Half a Pork Carcass, Frozen Bone-in, skin-on, and boneless pork thighs and legs are all available frozen.

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Wholesale Frozen Pig Neck bones

Product Category Raw Pork

Type Wholesale Frozen

Country of Origin Spain


Bag Dimensions 30 x 60 cm 58mic vacuum-packed

Case Dimensions 465x 265 x 210.51 cm + 3 dividers

Units per Case 4 units per case

Weight per Case 18.14 kg per case

Pallets 98 boxes per pallet


Shelf Life 24 months

Storage Method Refrigerated at -18 degrees Celsius

Certifications SGS, IFS, Halal, BRCGS, IAWS INTERPORC

Expanded Details:

  • Vacuum-packed bags help protect freshness and prevent freezer burn
  • Sturdy corrugated cardboard cases stack uniformly on pallets
  • Dividers in cases separate and protect individual packages
  • Long 24 month frozen shelf life allows for export logistics
  • Refrigerated shipping containers keep temperature below -18°C
  • Various certifications ensure safety, quality and meet export requirements



Quality Grade A
Condition 100% fresh and frozen
Preparation Well dressed and cleaned
Hair No hair
Holes No holes
Grease/Contamination No grease/contamination
Ice Content <0.3%
Broken Bones <1% broken bones
Salmonella 0% salmonella detection

Expanded details:

  • Grade A denotes the highest quality pork product
  • Frozen promptly after processing to retain freshness
  • Carefully dressed and cleaned for safety and quality
  • Free of hair, holes, grease/contamination
  • Minimal ice content indicates proper freezing
  • Low broken bone percentage maintains integrity
  • Salmonella testing ensures food safety compliance
 Frozen Pork Neck
Frozen Pork Neck

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